Blanca Air Pistol 0.177Cal (4.5mm)

 6,450.00  6,250.00

The only .177 Air Pistol in India to have:

  • Pull back mechanism: NO BREAK BARREL!
  • Dual mode: Shoots both BB and Pellets
  • Multiple load mode: Can load up to 18 BBs at once!
  • 1:1 scale with real Pistol
  • Safety Lock
  • Sliding trigger


Technical specifications:

Type: Air Pistol
Brand: Blanca
Model: Black
Caliber: 0.177″ (4.5mm)
Range (Approx): 7-10 meters
Size: Standard Full Size
Weight: 1 Kg approx
Action/ Mechanism: Pull back spring/¬†Single Shot(Pellets)/BB’s (upto 18 BB’s)
Sights: Open
Body: Metal
Stock/ Handle: Metal
Other: Multi Load, Single Shot
Freebies: 50 Pellets, 200 BBs
Warranty: 6 months Manufacturer Warranty. Buyer needs to contact manufacturer directly; contact details included